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Why Make Your Own Toothpaste At Home?

Aside from that it is lower in cost – there are yet many other benefits from making your own homemade toothpaste.  By making your own best toothpaste, not only do you cut your costs by about 300%, you also know exactly what ingredients are in it and the time spent doing it of course, counts as fun, practical, and educationaltoothpaste ingredients

Common Objections & Questions

  1. 1Doesn’t baking soda act as an abrasive? No, on the RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasively) scale, baking soda is actually not so much abrasive compared to commercial toothpaste.
  2. Are essential oils safe to consume? First of all, you are not expected to swallow any type of toothpaste, even home-made toothpaste. Some toothpaste may run down your throat – and essential oils usually have the warning label: “not for consumption” – but ask this: wouldn’t you rather put natural essential oils in your mouth or toothpaste ingredients that have poisonous components?
  3. Where should we store our homemade toothpaste? Store your toothpaste in any container of your choosing and place near your tooth brush. If you typically use essential oils in our toothpaste, then most preferably, store your toothpaste in a glass container or a small glass jar. Keep it away from heat or direct sunlight to protect the oil contents from degrading. Use opaque containers for homemade toothpastes with hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Can we share our toothpaste with others (for instance family members/roommates) or should we each use our OWN containers? Unless someone in your home or dorm has cooties that really bother you, then it’s okay to share your toothpaste in a single container.
  5. How do we use it? Just wet your toothbrush then scoop, sprinkle or spread some of the toothpaste onto your brush and brush as usual.
  6. Does it really work? Yes. It cleans better than any store-bought toothpaste and it also effectively gets rid of bad breath like any other toothpaste.
  7. Where do I find the ingredients? You can buy the ingredients at pretty much any drugstore or you can order them online.
  8. Is homemade toothpaste bad for you? No. All the ingredients used above in making your own toothpaste are commonly used products, thus, they are generally regarded as SAFE products. This is true to the fact although claims about its ingredients have not been FDA evaluated.
  9. What about toothpastes with fluoride – don’t we need fluoride? Not at all. In fact several studies have found that fluoride is actually toxic. Some dentists say that it’s safe and beneficial for children, but doing a little research on your own, you’ll probably end up shunning commercial toothpaste with fluoride especially for kids.


There are various different ways to make your own homemade toothpaste and the benefits are endless. We encourage you to find the best ingredients for your own tasty yet effective toothpaste and use the right proportion of ingredients that most fits your personal liking.

For a free recipe, visit: http://besttoothpaste.net


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